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I am Associate Professor at Université de Paris and member of Data Intensive and Knowledge Oriented Systems group (diNo) of LIPADE (Laboratoire d’Informatique Paris Descartes). I received my PhD in computer science from Paris-Dauphine University, where I worked on scalable and distributed databases.



Research interests


My research interests are on topics relevant to large-scale data management and data quality.


The first focus of my research is to propose prototypes and proof of concepts to manage a very large volume data in a distributed manner by considering the storage, model and query processing of data. We recently focus on managing uncertain data over distributed environments. We proposed efficient and effective query processing methods leveraging distributed indexing techniques.


The second one is to consider data quality in a large-scale context, particularly deduplication. As part of our methodology to ensure data quality, we use data quality rules and the recent existing paradigms (ex. crowdsourcing and linked open data). We recently proposed a framework that automatically detects duplicates through the application of a new introduced class of data quality rules, that is derived from existing rules in literature such as: conditional functional dependencies and matching dependencies.


My current focus is to propose frameworks dealing with quality assessment of Big Data in term of its veracity and value.




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ISBN: 0-7803-9521-2.


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Scientific talks

Big datasets quality. Talk within the context of ASGARD program, NTNU, Gjøvik, Norway, Sept 2019.


CrowdIDV platform. Atelier à la micro-école Cloud IDV, Avril 2018, Paris.


Data quality in distributed databases. Keynote talk, LCSI de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algiers, Dec 2016.

Research data management, Symposium IDV- Imageries du Vivant, Jan 2016, Cap Hornu, France.


From Big Data in medical imaging to semantics. Regards Croisés sur l'Imagerie du Vivant, Concepts et Langages nterdisciplinaires”, Programme IDV, Nov 2015, Paris.

Privacy-Preserving Business Process Fragmentation. 2nd Workshop of du LIPADE (Paris Descartes Univ.), June 2012.

SD-SQL Server, a Scalable Distributed Database System, Laboratoire de Systèmes d'Information Répartis, EPFL, Lausanne, Oct 2007.

New Features for a scalable Distributed Database System, (with Prof. Litwin), Microsoft Research, Redmond, June 2007.

Structures de Données Scalables et Distribuées dans SD-SQL Server et SDDS 2005, Journées Académiques Microsoft, Apr 2006, Paris.



·     Information System Modeling and Analysis (license 3)

·     Advanced Databases (license 3, Master 1 CS, Master Miage)

·     Relational databases (license 2)

·     Big data management systems (Master 1 Miage),

·     Algorithms (L2)

·     Numération Logique (L1).

·     Relational databases (L2)

·     C2I (L1)


Other duties

·     Director of studies for master’s degree in Computer Science and Management (Miage), in the period 2013-2017.

·     Assessment and advising member of the undergraduate’ and graduate degree in Computer Science in the period 2015-2017.

·     Designed to be member of the laboratory council (conseil de laboratoire) since 2017.

·     Designed to be member of the department council (conseil de l’UFR) since 2021.